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Offering Safe & Secure Storage

Our storage facility is a state of the art.  Corporate Transfer’s expertly maintained facility is available for both short and long term periods. Whether you are storing hospital equipment, file cabinets or an entire business we can handle it all.  If you need us to handle storing any or all of your homes content we can do that as well.

Storage Needs We Meet:

We Offer Transportation to and from Our Storage Facility
Residential Storage
Commercial Storage
Corporate Storage
Medical Equipment
Hospital Equipment
Record Storage
Designer Storage Needs
Outdoor Equipment
Seasonal Outdoor Furniture
storage facility

Thorough Service that Fits Your Needs

We value the safety of all your belongings and invest in offering comprehensive service with attention to detail and careful handling of your valuables. Corporate Transfer wants you to feel secure with your decision to store with us, whether it’s in the midst of a move or to liberate floor and closet space at your home or office. You can count on our safe and scalable storage options.

Monthly Storage Rates

Our storage options include rates for short and long term. We feature a monthly rate for all storage needs.

Secure Storage Facility

We store your possessions in a secure facility to safeguard what you've entrusted to our care. Our storage facility is safe, secure and kept in pristine condition at all times.

Transport to and from Storage

One of the benefits of storing with a company that also specializes in moving is our ability to collect your belongings and safely transfer them to storage for you. Our professional team will load and transport your items to our storage facility. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our equipment and facility as well as the professionalism of our experienced team.

Integrity from Start to Finish

Whether we’re holding your office inventory while you shift to a new location, or keeping it secure for a future move, Corporate Transfer is committed to your satisfaction. We complete every service with expert attention and care to ensure your belongings stay in the condition in which we found them. Speak with our team to discuss your storage needs. An experienced member will give you a detailed quote to get you started.

Residential & Commercial Moving & Storage