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Highly Trained to Move Medical Equipment

Hospitals and labs with medical equipment need a moving company they can trust with everything from hospital beds to expensive equipment. Corporate Transfer is the ideal choice for relocating medical items. We have decades of experience and a specialized expertise in transferring and moving this sensitive machinery. We put superior care and attention into handling your medical and office equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service that stays on schedule. Equipment, such as MRI machines, lab equipment, and the like are always treated with respect to preserve their pristine condition from the time they are wheeled out of the hospital to when they are placed in a new location. If your medical lab or hospital needs a professional company you can fully trust with your medical equipment, calling us is the right decision.

medical professional reviewing boxes

Responsible Moving Made Personal

Corporate Transfer makes it our top priority and a personal point of pride to handle your entire medical equipment move responsibly to ensure your items’ safety and your satisfaction. Our clients reap the benefits of comprehensive transport experience, including the following features:

Personal Attention Throughout the Move

Our team remains attentive to your equipment throughout the moving process to ensure the utmost in safety and preservation. From state of the art padding and wrapping for complete protection to skillful handling. Your medical investment’s welfare is our principal priority.

Secure Storage Between Locations

If you need to move equipment out of a current location, but the new location is not ready, we can offer safe and secure storage at our Ronkonkoma storage facility.

Full-Service Moving

The greatest appeal of our moving company is that we remove the stress and complications of transporting your items from place to place. While providing a meticulous quality service to all our clients and reassemble it, if needed. Upon arrival at your new location, we will place and position your equipment to your specifics.

Secure Transit to New Location

We take pride in the cleanliness and reliability of our equipment. Our trucks are optimal, pristine condition to ensure the safety and reliability of transporting your items. A properly licensed driver will always handle the operation of our equipment. We use responsible driving and parking methods for a smooth and time-efficient move.

Keeping Your Equipment in Perfect Condition

Our chief concern on every medical equipment moving job in Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY is ensuring your items arrive in the same condition that we first found them at the initial location. With specialized training and ample experience, you can count on Corporate Transfer for a worry-free move. Give us a call today to get a free moving quote for your medical equipment.

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