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Corporate Relocation in Suffolk County, NY

Your business is invaluable and you deserve the most professional and streamlined process for your corporate relocation. Corporate Transfer applies specialized training and decades of experience to every project to ensure your company is up and running as soon as possible. Corporate relocation is full of complexities and potential pitfalls with equipment and time management. Let us reduce the stress and minimize downtime with thorough services throughout the process from the beginning to the finishing touches. We will work with you to formulate the pre-move planning and acceptable budgeting. Our personal pride in service goes into carefully handling your items, including tearing down and reassembling. Corporate Transfer is committed to staying on schedule and ensuring your relocation not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Let us make your corporate move with us one of your best business decisions.

office chair and boxes

High-Quality Service & Careful Handling

The Corporate Transfer team has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the various facets of corporate relocations. From securing small items and valuables to reassembling your office environment in a new space, our team has handled countless corporate moves with a thorough and streamlined approach to transferring your business to a new address.

Moving High-Value Items

Part of our business's appeal is our expertise in safeguarding of all items with careful attention to their welfare and condition throughout the relocation process. Objects like artwork, antiques, and jewelry receive special packing and treatment.

Extensive Office Teardowns and Rebuilds

Your corporate environment allows a smooth workflow from your employees, which requires that a relocation involves more than the typical moving services. We tear down cubicles, desks, and other furniture and equipment at your old location, carefully load and move it, and then set up and install it in your new location to your satisfaction.

Expert Advice for Successful Moving

You don’t work for three decades in commercial moving without amassing a wealth of industry knowledge. Our insight into in best practices and appropriate actions for a broad range of circumstances makes us an authority in moving. We invite you to take advantage of our vocational know-how to make your corporate move run smoothly from start to finish. Our expert advice can help your company get back to production and avoid needless damage and confusion.

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